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    We've come a long way.

Our History

Pastor Richard Johnson III

After serving for eleven years in the United Methodist Conference, Pastor Richard Johnson, III knew that his ministry was being direc.uk-text-top ted to another level. God had placed on his heart to establish a congregation in the Annapolis area.

Pastor Johnson was not to be alone in the undertaking of this monumental task. On February 22, 1991, Pastor Johnson called together eight people (Karen Johnson, Glenton Queen, Stephanie Beckett, Barry Williams, Sr., Camilla Holmes, Denice Neal, Rodney Coleman, and Elder Craig Coates) to share the vision that God had given to him. At the conclusion of that meeting, spirits were so high that they could not be contained, and God's plan for the formation of First Christian Community Church of Annapolis, Incorporated was in motion.

At the initial meeting four work areas were established: Worship, Christian Education, Property and Finance, and Growth and Development. By the end of March 1991, all of the committees were in operation and six additional people had committed to First Christian, Joseph Brown, Zena Brown, Arlene Herndon, Carrie Parsons, Maggie Poole, and R. Ann Powell.

Our first service was held on Sunday, July 7, 1991, at the Holiday Inn in Annapolis. We were blessed to have 130 worshippers celebrating our opening. First Christian was on the move!

During our first year, we experienced rapid growth spiritually, physically, and financially. We grew from an initial eight members to 103 by June 1992. Additional work areas were established: the Altar Guild, the Deaconry Team, the Choir, the Adult and Junior Ushers, and Evangelism Team, the Communications Team, and the Membership Team.

FCC was on the move. For the next several years we were blessed with many places of worship. Our wilderness experience has taken us to the Ralphe J. Bunche Community Center, Edgewater, back to Annapolis in a "warehouse" on Lincoln Drive, a two-year commitment which exceeded $153,000. Remaining in the Annapolis area a while longer, we traveled a few blocks away to Beacon Light Seventh Day Adventist Church, Drew Street. From there, we moved to Southern Senior High School in Harwood, Maryland. During the numerous moves, we continued to experience growth in membership and ministry development. Our membership has grown to 800+ and many additional ministries have been established.

First Christian Community Church of Annapolis, Incorporated is a church that seeks to be inclusive rather than exclusive-the alternative church. God has determined our mission and we boldly step forward to carry out His plan. It is our prayer to remain humble and faithful and to walk in God's divine will.

The absolute foundation of the First Christian ministry is the Word of God. The Bible provides the source and the measuring rod for the principles and practices guiding the church's ministry. All goals, objectives, programs, and activities are evaluated in light of the truth of Scripture. For this we Praise God!

Worship Service & Bible Study

Sunday: 10:00am

Every Sunday morning we invite you to worship God through songs and relevant and practical teachings from the Bible.

Wednesday: Various

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Sunday Morning Studies

Offering studies for adults, and youth from ages 3 to 18.

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