Coronavirus Update

In light of global precautions for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and to ensure we are adhering to the direction of our leading health and government authorities, all church activities, gatherings, auxiliary ministries, including Sunday Service and all Bible studies are postponed until further notice.

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Welcome to The FC3

Pastor Karen V. Johnson, Senior Pastor

God works through building a church by building His people. Although we are a collective, we still have our own personal goals and dreams that we would like to achieve. So what is it that God has placed in your heart to do? What dreams would you like to see realized? What goals do you want to accomplish?

I believe that God is encouraging all of us to step out of our boats, in faith! God wants you to walk on the waters of what we think is impossible.

Also, it is the time to let go of "ghosts." Ghosts are dead things that appear alive. So often we try to resurrect something that God has told us to let go and bury. It's easy to say "I can do all things through Jesus Christ,' when we are sitting in the security of our comfort zone. Don't worry about what people will say and think. This is about you and God.

Keep your eyes on Jesus! If your faith gets shaky, God has got you! He will not let you sink!

Be blessed!

FC3 Ministries

Family Life & Counseling

Family Life & Counseling

Before we are members of a church or participants in a ministry – we are family! When we are able to involve mothers, fathers, and children, regardless of age, in the ministry of Christ, we become capable of establishing a long-lasting legacy. Being a part of a family means being accountable for and to one another. We are tasked to ensure we equip the family to do just that. We take that responsibility seriously!
Service & Worship

Service & Worship

We are always excited when you join us for worship and we invite you to any and all of our services. Our hope is that you enter with a spirit of expectation as we exercise our faith through song, dance, praise and prayer. Through our praise and worship, we set an atmosphere for your hearing from God through His preached word. When you leave a First Christian worship experience, we trust that your spiritual life and relationship with God are renewed.


To give Hope to the Hopeless
Faith to the Faithless
Love the unlovable
Christian Education

Christian Education

Our purpose is to implement Bible study curriculum that will engage participants in spiritually enriching, interactive Bible study that will result in retention of content, growth in faith and practical decision-making skills to apply in a realistic manner in everyday life.


Our purpose is to continue to share the word through social media, photography, and audio/visual media. Our job is to make sure that service runs well from a technical aspect (microphones working, song lyrics and scriptures displayed on screen). Additionally, if you follow FCCCA on Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube - you will see the other half of our team's work on display with inspirational posts, pictures, and videos.
Church Operations

Church Operations

The Church Operations Council’s goal is to maintain a spirit of excellence in all that we do. Our responsibility is to oversee that historical data is recorded, our property/congregation/visitors are secure from damage and danger, events are planned to engage both congregation and community, members are interviewed for ministry involvement, and transportation needs are met for those who need to be transported to services

Worship Service & Bible Study

Sunday: 10:00am

Every Sunday morning we invite you to worship God through songs and relevant and practical teachings from the Bible.

Wednesday: Various

See our offerings for midweek studies for adults, couples, and young adults

Sunday Morning Studies

Offering studies for adults, and youth from ages 3 to 18.

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