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Dr. Karen V. Johnson

Senior Pastor

God works through building a church by building His people. Although we are a collective, we still have our own personal goals and dreams that we would like to achieve. So what is it that God has placed in your heart to do? What dreams would you like to see realized? What goals do you want to accomplish?

I believe that God is encouraging all of us to step out of our boats, in faith! God wants you to walk on the waters of what we think is impossible.

Also, it is the time to let go of "ghosts." Ghosts are dead things that appear alive.  So often we try to resurrect something that God has told us to let go and bury. It's easy to say "I can do all things through Jesus Christ,' when we are sitting in the security of our comfort zone. Don't worry about what people will say and think. This is about you and God.

Keep your eyes on Jesus! If your faith gets shaky, God has got you! He will not let you sink!

Be blessed! 

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Join us Sunday Morning at 10:00 a.m. for live worship!
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We offer online Bible studies Sunday through Wednesday. This term we will be studying the Book of Daniel. 
GriefShare is a special Christ-centered and Biblically based 13 week seminar and support group designed to help you rebuild your life after losing a loved one. We know it hurts and we want to help.
The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) is working with partners to monitor the global Human Monkeypox outbreak and provide information to residents. Check this page for updates.
Protect Yourself - Protect Others - Get a Flu Shot!. Free Flu Shots available on Sunday, October 16.

Featured Events

What's going on in the world today? "Ball of Confusion" is a two part discussion in which we tackle the issues that we are seeing in our day to day life.
To end the digital divide and achieve digital equity, our elected officials and policymakers must ensure that every member of our community has the broadband internet service, computers, and digital skills needed to thrive online.
Strayer University will offer up to 50 scholarships per year and additional opportunities to support fellows in making a positive impact in their communities. Each fellow will receive:

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